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Welcome to h0t_style! This is a community not based on your looks because anyone can look good. This community is based on your style because you're never truly good looking unless you have a style. Your own unique style makes you. So, whether you like to dress up or dress down, we want to see if your style makes you hot

Directions for Applying
1. You must first join the community.
2. Make all applications public.
3. Post your application, bold the questions, seperate them as well. I do NOT want to read an application that's messy and scrunched up. That'll get you kicked out fast.
4. Lastly, put all applications under an LJ-CUT PLEASE.

Note to you: This community will not be harsh in the voting, however honest opinions are encouraged. So, if someone feels the need to get pissed off and fuss and fight with a member, please do it in this journal as we do encourage free speech and EVERYONE enjoys a little arguement now and then. ;D However, if it gets Jerry Springer like on the boards, all members involved in the fight will not be allowed to participate in contests and they won't be allowed to vote. People who are posting their applications that get too fussy just won't be able to come back. Got it? Good.

Style is all about attitude so carry yourself well and you might just get in no matter how hideous and stupid your application may be. The chances are slim but possible. *hugs* I can be so generous at times, right? ;D

The Application


1. What is your favorite brand of clothing.

2. What is your favorite clothing store.

3. What is your favorite accessory store.

4. In no less than 3 sentences explain your personal style.

5. Do you label yourself under any stereotype? Explain in no less than 2 sentences.

6. Who insired your style?

7. What star would best showcase your style?

Now this is the attitude portion of the application. Style is all about attitude. Though your application is mostly based on the top part, this may help you if your application really sucks. Most of the time it wont but this is just another way to help make things a bit easier.

8. Are you confident about yourself? Why or why not?

9. If you could be or be like ANYONE, who would it be?

10. In no less than 4 words, describe yourself.

11. Does the music you listen to influence your style?

12. If you could make your own clothing or accessory line, what would the name be and what would be in it?

Choice 1: Post no less than two pictures of your favorite articles of clothing.

Choice 2- Post no less than 2 pictures of yourself in your favorite clothes.

Choice 3- Describe 3 of your favorite outfits and why they are your favorite outfits.

A large part of your getting in is depending on this section. Good Luck! Pick whatever you want just make sure it is one of those choices. You WONT get in this community without doing that section. So, if you don't want to write then you should go to a search engine(google.com, yahoo.com).

If you wish to apply-
~ Please understand that this is a new community so Im not automatically going to accept you. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response since it is so early.

~ If you're applying please make sure it's worth my while. Don't slack off with one word answers. If you have time enough to join then you should have time enough to fill out the application to the best of your ability. Blah. I may sound bitchy but that's just how I feel. Hopefully that's not too much to ask.

~ If you don't make it then PLEASE DO NOT rant about it here. Just simply take that to your personal journal or one of those communities where you can bitch about not being accepted. You may re-apply within 3 days if you are rejected so keep your cool if you might want to try again.

~ You may revise your application but only before voting starts.

~ If accepted you MUST make your posts friends only. If you can't follow this direction then I don't think you'll be able to follow the others and you'll get kicked out. :D



As you can see there are no stamps. There is just ONE stamp. Those who are worthy to get a stamp or those who are accepted. No use making a stamp for the rejected. Isn't that just a waste a time? The following stamp is one you can show proudly if you are one of the lucky to have been accepted into h0t_style.

Your Maintainer
- xpressionz

 If you've been accepted to h0t_style then you are eligible to be a moderator. :D
 You may make a post in the community(friends-only) stating why you should be a moderator.
 The members will vote yes or no on you. This IS a rating community so we need to rate on ANYTHING possible or it's purpose is no purpose at all. ;D
 Tally up the votes. Then I'll add my vote. If there is not a chance that my vote can save you then you're just out.
 NO SECOND CHANCES. Not voted in once, not voted in at all.

- Luv Us,
We are h0t_style
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